The healthcare sector is on the cusp of a revolution driven by the explosion of data from wearable sensors. This PhD position offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront, using deep learning to unlock the potential of continuous, longitudinal patient data.


  • Proactive patient screening: Develop AI models that analyze wearable data streams to identify individuals at risk for heart arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation, before symptoms even appear.
  • Personalized health trajectories: Track disease progression over time, allowing for early intervention and improved patient outcomes.
  • Data-driven decision support: Empower clinicians with interpretable models that offer insights into patient health and build trust in AI-powered predictions.
  • Quantified uncertainty: Integrate uncertainty measures into your models, guiding clinicians in making the most informed decisions.

This PhD program is embedded within a network of national and international collaborations focused on advancing machine learning in biomedicine. You will actively contribute to ongoing research projects, shaping the future of healthcare with cutting-edge deep learning techniques.

This is your chance to make a real difference. Are you ready to revolutionize healthcare with the power of AI?

JOB Profile

We seek a highly motivated and creative PhD student to join our thriving research group focused on the transformative intersection of machine learning and wearable technology in healthcare.

Are you:

  • A master’s graduate (or nearing completion) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering with a stellar academic record?
  • A coding powerhouse with expertise in Python, C++, and familiarity with cutting-edge machine learning frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, or GPFlow?
  • Deeply passionate about both machine learning and its potential to revolutionize healthcare?
  • Driven to push the boundaries of the field and contribute to significant advancements?

That’s fantastic! But there’s more…

  • Do you possess a keen eye for analyzing complex biomedical data like ECG, MMG, and EEG?
  • Are you a team player who thrives in collaborative environments and excels at clear communication?
  • Do you have impeccable English fluency, allowing you to seamlessly share your research findings with a global audience?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you might be the perfect candidate for this groundbreaking PhD program!

We’re looking for someone who isn’t just technically skilled, but who also possesses the vision and collaborative spirit to be a leader in this exciting field. This is your chance to not only develop groundbreaking research, but also to shape the future of healthcare with the power of AI.

What is offer from employer

  1. One year contract with 4 year extension.
  2. Contract will start from earliset the April 2024
  3. Fellowship will be provided which is free from personal tax.